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On behalf of the Pastrow Benefice we welcome you!

Our mission is to share the Love, Grace and Truth of Jesus Christ  and we do this by sharing who we are and what we believe in.  As a community committed to growing our churches we hope that you will find all that you need across this site.  You will find details of all of our events, services and key information about special times that mark the life of the Christian journey such as getting baptized or getting married.

We are excited about all of what God plans for the Benefice, and to this end we would invite you to get  involved in one of our eleven churches across the benefice, each one with is distinctive flavour but all united in our shared mission!

For further information please contact  our Benefice Administrator Judith Appleby on 07999 352585 or admin@pastrowbenefice.org.uk

Office Hours Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 9 .00 -  4.30 pm

Year of Discipleship 2019

Following on from last year’s look at Discipleship, we feel called to look far more deeply at what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.  To this end we are planning a whole raft of events this year to help facilitate this.  Please do consider joining us on our journey as a family of churches!

Quick Contact Details

Revd  Alex Randle-Bissell


01264 512161


Revd Trevor Lewis

Associate Priest

01264 736565


Revd Tom Etherton


07921 060758


Children & Families


Karen Blakeman

Children's & Families Leader

07766 945118

Terry Milne

Lay Minister

01264  391504


Alan Evans

Lay Minister

07803 745706


Judith Appleby

Benefice Administrator

07999 352585


Special Event

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Judith Appleby

07999 352585

Pastrow Safeguarding Officer

Winchester Diocese    Safeguarding Information

01962 737317 Or

07921 865374

Local Authority Social Services 0300 555 1373

Autumn Events

Check out the Events page for all the events happening in the Benefice this Autumn