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Church Wardens


                    St Thomas’ Charlton                                                         St Georges’ Enham



           Sally Brewer                  Jean Milne                                                                               Irene Wilson

               St Barnabus Faccombe                                                             Christ Church Hatherden


                                                                                                                  Zoë Cleeton  


        St Peters’ Hurstbourne Tarrant                                                   St Peters’ Linkenholt

           Holy Trinity Penton                                                        Christ Church Smannell


               Rod Eggington                                                                                    

       St Thomas’ Tangley                                                   St Mary the Virgin Vernham Dean


                                      St Michaels’ and All Angels Weyhill


                                             Janet Cressy                        James Cunniffe


Aaron Cooper

Irene Wilson

Al Brooks &

Laura Ponting

Jane Jones

Carla Ashton &      

Clare Olding

David Holmes &

Alan Butterworth