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    Biogas use in truck and tractor engines Otherwise the LCA seems to be a powerful tool to evaluate the Fig. 6: Boiler for concentrated vinasse combustion (Avram et al., 2006) Bangyikhan distillery (Thailand): evaporation (by Vogelbusch, Austria) to 60% dry substance content; 2 · 15 t/h steam production; start up 1986; boiler by NEM bv, The Learn More

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    • Stillage • Vinasse • Stillage • Spent wash • Tower bottoms • CIP waste • Black water • Waste wash water • Anaerobic digestion reject • Reverse osmosis (RO) reject • Evaporation ponds • Tailings ponds • Cavern storage • Ion exchange (IX) regen waste • Boiler blowdown • Cooling tower blowdown • Spent brine Learn More


    Boiler de-aerator – 67.50 MT/day (2.81MT/hr). 6 Electricity requirement for Distillery, Stillage evaporation plant & Dryer, Secondary ETP, boiler and plant lightning etc. Max. 27,360 Kwh/day (1.14 MW/hr) 7 Water requirement 3.90 M3/day (After recycle of stillage condensate)Learn More

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    Vinasse Conc Vinasse CO 2 Distillation Dehydration Fuel Grade Alcohol Extra Neutral Alcohol/ Perfumery Support Fuel Molasses Evaporation Incineration Boiler Fermentation Grain Plant Process Flow Grain Grain Handling & Milling Flour Thin Stillage Slurry Mash CO 2 Slurry Preparation Distillation Dehydration Fuel Grade Alcohol DDGS Decantation Learn More

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    Stillage, also known as vinasse, is an aqueous residue of ethanolic distillation with dark-brown color, acidic pH and high Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) values, which make it dangerous to the environment. at boiler efficiency of 77.4% . High pressure steam will move the turbine and generate 7.72 GWh of electricity at turbine efficiency of 77 Learn More


    These values indicate that vinasse has a substantial potential application as a boiler fuel. The heating values of vinasse-oil fuel emulsions are given by equation 1, which was developed using 45° BRIX molasses vinasse with a heating value of 7,800 kJ/kg (Kujala, 1979) and # 6 fuel oil with an average heating value of 43,350 kJ/kg (ASHRAE Learn More

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    Mar 08, 2017 · Solution,Horizontal boiler sale, vinasse fired boiler vinasse fired boiler Packaging & Delivery FAQ about vinasse fired boiler 1.Why choose ZG as vinasse fired boiler manufacturer? We have over 70 years' experience of industrial steam boiler and autoclave,and we have a professional installation and after-sales staff for products.Take advantage of the most …Learn More


    Fermentation stillage or vinasse may be employed for any step(s) requiring water. using well-known combustion apparatus. Boiler bottom may be fixed, moving, or fluidized for the best efficiency. The flue gas is cooled and fly ash is collected into gravity collectors. An eighth step may include evaporation of hydrolysate to remove some Learn More

  • (PDF) Life cycle analysis of different alternatives for

    Boiler for concentrated vinasse combustion ( Avram et al., 2006) Bangyikhan distillery (Thailand): evaporation (by Vogelbusch, Austria) to 60% dry substance content; 2 · 15 t/h steam production Learn More


    Distillation, Evaporation, CPU & Slop fired boiler & Ext. Condensing TG for 200 KLPD distillery 24. Radico NV Distilleries Maharashtra Ltd., Aurangabad Distillation, Evaporation, CPU & Slop fired boiler & Ext. Condensing TG for 130 KLPD distillery 25. Uttarakhand Sahakari Chini Mills Pre-feasibility study and submission ofLearn More


    • Three pass boiler design with tall furnace • Very high residence time, >10.0 seconds. • Low flue gas temperature at convection zone, well below initial ash deformation temperature, prevents fouling of alkalies. Ash fusion temperatures give an indication of the softening and melting behaviour of fuel ash. • No screen tubes at the Learn More

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    Both stillage and vinasse present significant obstacles for ethanol producers. The large volume of these techniques such as evaporation are used to remove water and concentrate the nutrients so that the stream can be used as incinerator fuel, fertilizer or even feed for livestock. New Logic Research offers a cost- or boiler fuel Learn More