• HydrolyzedPolymaleicAnhydride CAS No 26099-09-2, CasNo

    1.2±0.2 Use method When this product used as scale inhibitor,the amount is 2-15mg / L,when compound with the organic phosphate,the amount of HPMA is 2-5 mg / L, which used for circulating cooling water, oilfield water injection, the treatment of low-pressure boiler.Learn More

  • The production of fish meal and oil - 7. Consumption of

    Live steam from the boiler plant is supplied to the pre-heater and to the heat exchanger of the first stage, while the vapour emanating from this stage is used for heating in the second. 3.2 Milling and Storage of Fish Meal 3.2.1 Milling. Figure 20 Packaged-fishmeal plant. 3.3.3 Meal production without cooking.Learn More

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    Boiler fuel: An energy source to produce heat that is transferred to the boiler vessel in order to generate steam or hot water. Fossil fuels are the primary energy sources used to produce heat for boilers. Breeze: The fine screenings from crushed coke. Usually breeze will pass through a ½ -inch or ¾-inch screen opening.Learn More

  • High Quality Sodium hypophosphite monohydrate, Cas0039

    4.Additive for food and industrial boiler water. 5.Acting as catalyst and stabilizing agent for chemical reactions. 6.Acting as antioxidant, anti-decolorizing agent, dispersing agent, as well as applicable to textile finishing and pharmaceuticals. Storage: Dark, cool, dry, ventilated, and hermetically sealed for storage.Learn More

  • Fish Meal Factory Used Steam Boiler

    Jan 08, 2016 · ZG boiler company is the professional manufacturer of complete fish meal factory and oil plant used steam boiler in China.The fish meal factory used steam boiler processing capacity ranges from 50Ton, 80Ton, 100Ton, 150Ton, and 200Ton to 300Ton raw material per 24 hours which can be used for both land and floating.Learn More

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    Jul 11, 2018 · Fish Meal Production Plant Introduction. Fish meal is a kind of fish protein concentrate widely used as an animal feed ingredient, and we supply complete fish meal production plant for industrial use to produce high-quality fish powder by processing the fish residue or the whole fish without economic value.Learn More